English a boss likes to hear/老闆喜歡聽的英文

English a boss likes to hear/老闆喜歡聽的英文

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English a boss likes to hear/老闆喜歡聽的英文 (中英對照 精華文章)

一種正面的態度讓事情大大不同!讓你的熱情被視為是自動自發的藉由使用這些詞彙的任務,"I'd be happy to do that." 尤其地,自動的溝通藉由詢問來負起責任"I'd be happy to do that." 當然,當你的老闆感謝你工作,你的回覆是,"My pleasure" 來顯示你真誠的喜歡你正在做的事情!
支持 我們都喜歡圍繞在一些人和我們是see eye to eye,或是與我們所做的是相同理念的人相處。支持你的老闆的想法,你將確實獲得他或她的青睞。使用一些表達像是"Good point!","I couldn't agree with you more"和"That's exactly how I feel"來傳遞你的同意。你的老闆將會感激你的支持。 禮貌 請記住真誠"please"或是 "thank you"是長遠之計。即使你與你的老闆或是經理存在一種友善關係,重點是禮貌。如果當你的老闆正在和某人說話,你卻急需要,為了確定要說,"Excuse me for interrupting."如果你詢問一個訊息,你可以加上,"Please get back to me as soon as possible."最後,當他們回覆,告訴他們, "Thanks for your help!" 效能 努力工作是我們不能忘記的部份!你理當然將會被感激當你正on the ball,或是有能力的和有效率的在你的工作崗位上。當你被分配一項任務,會說,"I'll get right on that"來顯示你將會立刻開始工作。或是,你可以告訴你的老闆,"I'll get that to you
by 6 p.m."如果他或她詢問有關於你正工作某些近況。
想像力 如果你有一百萬個想法,請不要害怕提出建議來!這會透露你是有創新的,野心的,及渴望找出改善公司的方法。使用一些詞彙像是 � was thinking that it might be a good idea to � 或是"Why don't we � 以非脅迫性方式來說明你的想法。尤其地,準備你自己反駁的論點,當然不是所有想法都是overnight hit,或是立刻成功,但它的意思不是說你應該停止去建議他們!

So you've landed a much desired job in a foreign company, but every time you need to communicate with your boss in English, you freeze up. Fear not! Exhibit the following five qualities and use the corresponding phrases - they're sure to make your boss love you!
Enthusiasm A positive attitude can make a big difference! Make your passion known by volunteering for tasks using the phrase, "I'd be happy to do that." Additionally, communicate willingness to take on responsibilities by asking, "Is there anything else you'd like me to do?" Of course, when your boss thanks you for your work, reply with, "My pleasure" to show you truly like what you're doing!
Support We all like to be around people who see eye to eye with us, or who hold the same opinions as we do. Be supportive of your boss's ideas, and you'll surely get on his or her good side. Use expressions like "Good point!", "I couldn't agree with you more" and "That's exactly how I feel" to convey agreement. Your boss will appreciate your support. Politeness Remember that a sincere "please" or "thank you" can go a long way. Even if you have a friendly relationship with your boss or manager, it's important to be polite. If you have an urgent need while your boss is speaking with someone else, be sure to say, "Excuse me for interrupting." If you request information, you can add, "Please get back to me as soon as possible." Finally, when they respond, tell them, "Thanks for your help!" Efficiency Hard work is an aspect we can't forget! You will definitely be appreciated if you are on the ball, or capable and efficient in your work. When assigned a task, say, "I'll get right on that" to show you will begin working on it immediately. Or, you can tell your boss, "I'll get that to you by 6 p.m." if he or she inquires about something you are working on. Imagination If you have a brilliant idea, don't be afraid to suggest it! This reveals that you're innovative, ambitious, and looking for ways to improve the company. Use phrases such as "I was thinking that it might be a good idea to ? or "Why don't we ? to introduce your ideas in a non-threatening way. Additionally, prepare yourself for rejection, as not all ideas are an overnight hit, or immediate success - but that doesn't mean you should stop suggesting them!

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