English to win your manager heart/用英語博得經理的青睞

English to win your manager heart/用英語博得經理的青睞

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English to win your manager heart/用英語博得經理的青睞 (中英對照 精華文章)

I took the liberty of ...依照字母排列登記。美國及英國經理非常感激員工們積極進取來完成任務,甚至於他們不曾給任何要求之下。因此,自己尋找一些機會做個好幫手,使用上述的說法告訴你的老闆。
I'd like to run something by you.對於重大的主意或專案,西方經理人會非常感激你能主宰人物環節,或參與其中。他們也非常欣賞有好點子的人。因此,如果你下次想出一件大事,使用上述的說法說明細節。 I can help out with that.根據上述表示,美國及英國經理們也尊重志願精神。協助新專案的執行代表了你對於這份工作的熱忱並且值得信賴。但是,要注意的是,千萬不要太貪心,自願擔任超過你可以勝任的工作任務。 I'm already on top of that.當經理提及一項任務需要你來完成,而你已經在執行中,使用這個說法能展現您是一位很有能力的員工,在任務的執行前,或者較你的經理事先多準備了一些。 Would you mind clarifying something for me?在積極進取心之上,美國及英國經理們會感激這種很有效率。如果你不了解一套的指示,不需要覺得尷尬,只需要使用上述的說法問明問題,讓工作任務在第一時間內完成。如果你的工作並未達到標準,或達到期望標準,是由於你的誤解,當然就感到非常的尷尬了。

Having worked at a number of overseas entities of large American multinational companies, I've found that local employees often try to impress their American or UK managers with difficult English words or complicated, long-winded sentences. But, to be honest, the way to a Western manager's heart isn't through complex English compositions, but through strategically-used English phrases that can reveal you're the type of employee they can't live without.
I took the liberty of ?alphabetizing the enrollment forms. American and UK managers appreciate employees who take initiative by performing tasks even when they haven't been asked to do them. So look for opportunities to do something helpful, and then inform your boss using the phrase above.
I'd like to run something by you. For big ideas or projects, Western managers appreciate your keeping them in the loop, or involved. They also admire people with great ideas. So if you come up with the next big thing, say the sentence above, and follow up with the details.
I can help out with that. In line with the characteristics above, US and UK managers also value a volunteer spirit. Offering to assist with new projects shows that you are enthusiastic about the job and dependable. Be careful, though, not to bite of more than you can chew by volunteering for more work than you can handle.
I'm already on top of that. When a manager mentions a task that needs to be done which you have already started working on, using this phrase can reveal that you are a capable employee who is one step ahead of, or slightly better prepared than, your manager. Would you mind clarifying something for me? On top of initiative, US and UK managers appreciate efficiency. No need to be embarrassed if you don't understand a set of instructions. Just ask for clarification using the above question, and get the work done right the first time. If your work isn't up to scratch, or up to the expected standards, when you turn it in, it will certainly be a much bigger embarrassment.

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