The Cynical Attack.

The Cynical Attack.

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When you turn on your TV and switch it to CNN or any news channels recently, or go to, the headline you see would probably be The CIA Leak Case or The Blasts in New Delhi.
It s really sad to know such cynical terror attacks have happened last night around 6pm in the local time. So far no one can ensure which group should be responsible for the series attacks in different places of New Delhi, but no doubt that it was lunched by the terrorists.
It was an evening which should be joyful and peaceful, for it was the night before the very important traditional festival called "Diwali" of the local. People were out in markets for getting prepared for the stuff they needed to celebrate their merry holiday, but all of a sudden, the whole atmosphere was shattered by the blasts.

How come that they are people so brutal and merciless like that? Those culprits are to blame for more than 50 lives which have been taken away by the terror attacks. Such an atrocity should not have happened, even should not have existed either, but unfortunately it has been done last night when those victims were still happy enjoying their shopping in markets for Diwali.

Where is the love inside those terrorists? Are they really loveless? Or they just want to take revenge from those innocent people, so that people around the world will see what they have done through the news, which would make them feel proud of themselves?
Do they (Terrorists) really think they are doing something correct? If they do think so, why and for what a certain reason ensure them what they have done is right?

There are too many questions that the public may be curious and want to ask them. What the terrorists think is sometimes really not understandable. Maybe there is no empathy between them. However, after all they are still one of us, they are human beings as well. I believe that if today the wounded were one of their friends or family or someone they care about, then the whole situation may have changed now.

Think about those victims who have sustained a serious injury from the blasts, I wish those terrorists could realize the suffering and great grief they have brought to the world.

Written by Leifson B. McEnroe. Oct 30 2005.
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