My trip to Las Vegas

My trip to Las Vegas

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This holiday season, my husband and I took the kids to the famous city, Las Vegas, for our vacation. It was the second time that we spent our vacation there. One of my friends asked me, “Why do you go to Las Vegas for your vacation? You don’t gamble or even play the slot machines. Besides Las Vegas seems not a nice place for kids…” My answer to her was, “Las Vegas is a pretty city, and it has several famous hotels/buildings. These buildings are very unique and exotic. You don’t need to like gambling or watch the shows in Las Vegas. You can just spend your day/time in strolling along the streets or touring inside each building. Or you may have a nice buffet in those hotels. It is really great.”….

Anyway, we went to Las Vegas as planned. We arrived in Las Vegas around 4 or 5 pm on December 17 and checked in the hotel, Circus Circus. Circus Circus is a nice place for kids to stay because there are free circus acts and arcade games located on the midway at Circus Circus. It even has an adventure dome, an indoor theme park, for big and little kids when their parents are in the casino playing the slot machines. Because we went to Las Vegas before Christmas, the rate of a two-bed (two queen-size beds) room was only $29.95 + tax, and it was a good deal. We spent our first night at Circus Circus, played some games, watched one or two free circus acts on the midway, and then went back to our room for rest because we would start our Las Vegas tour from the next day. : )

There are many famous buildings/hotels in Las Vegas that I like very much, such as New York New York, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur, Treasure Island, Mirage, Bellagio, Aladdin, the Fashion Show Mall, M&M store and Coca-cola. All these buildings are located on the Las Vegas Strip, which is also called The Strip or The Boulevard. ( The Strip is very pedestrian-friendly, or you may take the tourist trolley traveling up and down The Strip. The fare of trolley is $2.00 for a one-way ride and $5.00 for the entire day.

Each building/hotel has its own unique attraction. Luxor is a pyramid-like hotel, and all its interior decorations and design are very Egyptian. However, the rate of its room is about USD350 +/per night. Very expensive! You may take the “tram” from Luxor to Mandalay Bay or Excalibur, and it is a free ride. There is also a tram ride between Treasure Island and Mirage. In Mandalay Bay you may visit “Shark Reef”, an aquarium, and it’s like journeying through the ancient sunken temple with many oceanic wildlife including sharks, exotic fish, sea turtles and much more. Excalibur is the mythical sword of King Arthur; so, you may imagine that Excalibur is a castle-like hotel.

Treasure Island, one of my favorite places, has a great Japanese style buffet, and it also has the most well-known and free outdoor show “the Sirens of TI.” We also watched a show called “Mystere”, Cirque Du Soleil (a circus act), at Treasure Island. We didn’t plan to watch the show but when we were touring TI and saw many people waiting in line for the performance; we kind of made a quick decision to purchase tickets and join the line. The ticket cost about $75 + tax/per person. It was not very cheap but it was really a great show and worth the price. : ) Another attraction is the Fountains (水舞) at Bellagio. It is really spectacular. ( ... _casino%29) The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, a newly opened casino hotel, is a Venice-themed hotel and casino, and it has an extensive indoor retail mall called The Grand Canal Shoppes. In addition to the lake in front of the casino, canals on the second floor of building, in the shopping mall, are used to provide motorized gondola rides. Of course, you have to pay for the rides.

There are so many to write and to tell. I only wrote down what impresses me. You may surf Wikipedia ( for more information about these famous casino hotels and their attractions. Just like I said, you don’t really need to gamble or play the slot machines to have fun in Las Vegas because there are lots of things to see and do in Las Vegas.


剛從 Las Vegas 渡假回來的第一天, 因為冰箱空空, 所以全家到附近的中餐館吃飯. 在餐館裡, 剛好聽到服務生們正在討論聖誕節假期要到 Las Vegas 玩, 順便試一試手氣. 我想: 大部份的人到 Las Vegas 都會到 casino 玩一玩, 試手氣, 因為 Las Vegas 畢竟是世界有名的 "賭城"; 像我們這樣 "醉翁之意不在酒" 的遊客雖有, 但應該不多吧!
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