Today is not my day.

Today is not my day.

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This morning, I saw a cockroach appearing in my trash can. I was shocked and wanted to clean my room immediately, but I have a class at 8 and I couldn't skip the class because of the dreadful cockroach. After CL, I asked teacher about how to revise our composition properly, and she gave me the information of a useful software called "My access"; however, when I went to library, I found they didn't buy the data base (my school library always bought some weird data bases which are hardly really useful for students...). I wrote a suggestion to library to buy the data base, hoping they would mind it…

After brought a graded sheet of classmates writing play to teacher's mail box, I ran home to clean my room. But, what another shock to me is I found my purse was missing. What a nice news! I'd been put over one thousand NT dollars in it! Alas! I don't know what I could do….I've been to a lot of departments' office and school administration office to ask about whether there's someone picking up a black, round purse and bring it to there; of course, the answer is NO.

I don't want to think about what I lost…what is lost is lost...Keep thinking will make me continuing my unhappy emotion.

At noon, I ran to meet with my classmates to practice English. I was so hurry to forget bringing my room’s key, so today’s night I have to borrow the key from landlord again. (I felt very embarrassed for my bad memory…)

There’s another surprise (Thankful. It's a good news) in the afternoon’s class. EP teacher called my name for my (working hard) papers; he said he can see I did my best on the mid-term papers, but the papers have some (I saw the paper and know is a lot...) problems on my syntax and words (oh, I chose a lot of wrong words….). I’ll meet with teacher next Wednesday in his official hour time to discuss my problems on the paper (during the break we just discuss the first page, and the other two pages will be remained to next week.).

At night, I went to OT class and received my mid-term grades. Teacher is nice, and she didn’t give us terrible scores. Actually, I had thought I wouldn’t pass the test, because I made a lot of mistakes.

There always have a lot of mistakes, and I have to revise, revise, and revise. Hoping I'll remember these mistakes in my writing and never make these errors again and again.
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