How to get one step ahead of your English boss / 如何曉得你的老闆在想什麼

How to get one step ahead of your English boss / 如何曉得你的老闆在想什麼

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Your manager speaks to you. Nervousness spreads throughout your body because you recognize all the individual words, but don’t know the meaning of the entire phrase. He is looking at you expectantly, waiting for your reply, but all you can manage to say is a confused, “Excuse me?” Has this happened to you? Business slang and idioms in the workplace can leave you perplexed, but this short guide teaches some commonly spoken phrases and provides several appropriate ways to respond.

Please get me up to speed.

這個片語表示解釋這個專案的進度。基本上,它的意思是「Please update me on what’s going on.」說話者向要知道發生了什麼事情,目的是為了對於目前進度有更深入的了解。如果某人晚點進入會議使用這個片語,那你應該總結到目前為止會議中所討論的內容。

This phrase is your cue to explain what has been taking place with the project. Basically, it means, “Please update me on what’s going on.” The speaker wants to know what has been happening as well as its current status to gain a better understanding. If someone says this after entering a meeting a little late, then you should summarize what has been discussed thus far.

Please keep me posted.

不是,他不是想要你以郵件的方式來通知他。說話者想要表達他想要從你那裡獲得這項專案的最新資訊,但或許不是這裡所指的片語以經由郵件的方式。親自告訴他或經由電子郵件或許更足夠。關於回覆,如果他只是談論正在進行的專案情況,你也許想要說:「Ok. I’ll keep you updated.」或者,如果他正在等待一些很明確的訊息,例如:對一位客戶的回覆,你可以說:「Ok. I’ll let you know when we hear something.」

No, he doesn’t want you to post him through the mail. The speaker is expressing that he wants to receive regular updates from you about the status of the project, but probably not through the post as this phrase once indicated. Telling him in person or via email will probably suffice. In response, if he is just referring to the ongoing status of a project, you may want to say, “Ok. I’ll keep you updated.” Alternatively, if he is waiting for some specific information, i.e., a response from a client, you may say, “Ok. I’ll let you know when we hear something.”

Take it and run with it.

你已經跟你的老板談過一個很棒的主意,然後他告訴你:「take it and run with it」。你就想:「Run where?」不是,你的老闆不是認為你的主意差的要讓你離得遠遠的,你也用不著逃跑。相反的,他認為你的主意很好。他希望你能開始行動,並很有創造力的執行你的主意。

You’ve just spoken to your boss about a great idea you’ve had, and he tells you to “take it and run with it”. ‘Run where?’ you think. No, your boss doesn’t think your idea was so bad that you need to run far away with it, and never return. Instead, he thinks the idea is good. He wants you to act on it and be creative in implementing it. He is complimenting your idea and giving you the freedom to make it happen. One way to respond is to say, "Thanks! I’m on it!"

Can you get the ball rolling for us?

先想一個滾動的球。是一個很好的球,並且很順的滾動。但是,某人在剛開始時推動這個球或推動這個球讓它開始移動。你的老闆就是要求你-開始你的專案。他並不是要你自己完成所有的專案,但是要你先開始起步,然後其他人再加入來協助你。最好可以這樣來回覆「Sure. I’ll get started right away.」

First consider a rolling ball. It’s rolling a long quite nicely and smoothly. However, someone initially had to be the one to push or roll the ball to get it started. Your boss is asking you to do just that – to get a project started. He’s not asking you to do the entire project by yourself, but instead is indicating that once you take the initial steps, then other people can join in to help you. The best way to respond is, "Sure. I’ll get started right away."

Don't drop the ball on this one.

另外還有與「the ball」有關。如果你把這顆球視為專案本身,那把它扔下的意思就是你在這個專案上犯錯或失誤。對於這個解釋,說話者對於這份重要的專案被感壓力的說: 「Don’t do anything wrong. Be very careful.」關於這個重點,你應該要鼓起勇氣的說:「Don’t worry, I’ve got it under control.」或者是「Don’t worry, you can count on me. 」

Here’s another reference to “the ball.” If you think of the ball as the project itself, to drop it would mean that you made a mistake or caused the project to fail. With this comment, the speaker is stressing the importance of the project by basically saying, “Don’t do anything wrong. Be very careful.” At this point, you should be reassuring. You can say, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it under control.” or "Don’t worry, you can count on me."

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