Learn English at home!/在家裡學習英文!

Learn English at home!/在家裡學習英文!

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Learn English at home!/在家裡學習英文! (中英對照 精華文章)






















If you want be fluent in English, you have to live in an English-speaking country, right? Not necessarily! We can show you some simple ways to improve your English without ever leaving home!

Surround yourself with English

Find ways to make English part of your everyday life, like writing your shopping list, reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, writing your diary, or listening to English tapes while traveling to work.

Make English friends

Even if you don't live in an English-speaking country, there are probably many foreigners living in your own country. Find ways to meet native English-speakers: going to foreign bars and restaurants, joining sport and social clubs, or arranging language exchanges.

Find study partners

You don't need native speakers to practice your English. Find a study partner, or form an "English club" and meet regularly to talk English. You can motivate each other, and you will learn by helping others with their problems.

Use authentic materials

Use authentic materials to practice your English, not just textbooks. If you can't find English books or magazines, use the Internet. Why not take a look at the Englishtown Magazine for some easier articles?

Join the international community

Internet is a valuable learning tool, and can bring you in touch with people from all over the world. Join chat rooms, take an online course, or find a penpal to practice your English while learning about different cultures. Visit Englishtown.com for some more great ideas!

Set yourself realistic goals

Give yourself a reason for studying: do you want to get a promotion, be able to talk to your foreign colleagues, study abroad, or spend your next holiday in an English-speaking country? Set short-term as well as long-term goals, and keep track of your progress.

Listen to real English

Train your ear by listening to English spoken at normal speed, even if you don't understand everything. Also practice listening without seeing things written down.

Find fun ways to learn new words

If you like singing, then look up the words for your favorite English songs. Or if you remember what you see, write new words on 'Post-it' notes and stick them up around your house.

Learn about the culture

Find out about the people and the culture of English-speaking countries. Learning a language is not just about grammar and vocabulary: it's about communicating with people who have different ways of thinking as well as speaking!

Whatever you do, have fun!

Learning a language does take work, but you'll be more likely to stick to it if you are enjoying yourself. Play games, do crossword puzzles, sing songs, read comics, and don't worry too much about making mistakes!

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