Making conversation in English/用英語交談

Making conversation in English/用英語交談

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Making conversation in English/用英語交談 (中英對照 精華文章)

學習外國語言最困難的一步就是有自信的開始和別人交談。尤其是和他們土生土長的人。這裡有一些忠告可以幫助你break the ice。


第一步就是break the ice(開使交談)。你可以自我介紹:�你好,我的名字叫��或者是試著較輕鬆的方式像是�嗨,我是��你可以隨著你打招呼時問一些簡單的問題像是�你是哪裡人?�或是如果你現在正在外面,你可以評論今天的天氣.像是�今天天氣眞的很冷對不對?�



將你已經知道的單字,在平常的時候運用出來是一個讓交談持續的好方法。例如:如果你參加派對,你可以問別人他們是否認識這裡的主人。或是如果你正在排隊等公車,你可以一邊嘆息一邊說"Don't you just hate waiting in line!"

然後,最好的話題是詢問你的新朋友有關於他或是她自己。"Where do you work?" 或"What do you like to do in your spare time?"當你想要認識某一個人這些是最好的問題,請記得每一個人都很喜歡談論有關於他們自己。


持續的談話很重要的對於回應別人在說什麼.例如"That must be interesting!"或是"Really? I've never tried that."你也可以重複對方說的及問一些follow-up問題,像是"You lived in
Paris? For how long?"



最後,不要忘記要有禮貌,否則你會'put your foot in it'


One of the hardest steps in learning a foreign language is finding the confidence to start a conversation. This is especially difficult when the other person is a native speaker. Here are some tips to help you break the ice.

Opening lines

The first step is to break the ice (start the conversation). You can introduce yourself with: "Hello, my name is..." or try a more relaxed approach like "Hi, I'm..." You can follow up your greeting with a simple question like "Where do you come from?" or a comment on the weather if you're outside, e.g. "It's really cold today isn't it?"

It's a good idea to start with something easy and impersonal to help you build your confidence. The subject of weather is an easy one that everyone in the world is able to talk about!

Suitable Topics

A good way to keep a conversation going is to talk about something you've got in common. For example if you meet someone at a party, you could ask them how they know the host. Or if you're standing in line for the bus, you could sigh and say "Don't you just hate waiting in line!"

After that, the best thing to do is to ask your new friend about him or herself: "Where do you work?" or "What do you like to do in your spare time?" are good questions when getting to know someone. Remember, everyone likes to talk about themselves!

Appropriate Responses

To keep a conversation going it's important to respond to what people say, for example "That must be interesting!" or "Really? I've never tried that." You could also repeat what the person says and ask a follow-up question, like "You lived in Paris? For how long?"

Listening Techniques

Having a conversation in the 'real world' is always more challenging than talking in the classroom. But don't give up! Remember, you don't have to understand every word: concentrate on the words that you do understand instead of getting stuck on the ones you don't.

Finally, don't forget to be polite, or you may 'put your foot in it' and say something embarrassing. Mistakes like these can end a conversation before they even start.


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