English for Business Meetings /商業會議英語

English for Business Meetings /商業會議英語

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English for Business Meetings
/商業會議英語 (中英對照 精華文章)

問候/開場白 一個會議的架構無論在任何語言裡通常是相同的。會議總是以問候開始!對於英語,你將會更正式些「Good morning」 or 「Good afternoon」而非「hello」。然後,如果你正主持一場會議,你將需要宣布會議要開始了。例如:「Good morning. It looks like everyone� here, so let� get started.」
說明目的 下一步,你必須要提醒每一個人這個會議的目的是什麼-什麼事項需要說明。如果這你是會議主持人,你就要說:「We�e here today to�#12301;其他的說法你也許會聽到:「Our goal today is�#12301;或「I�e called this meeting to�#12301;然後簡短說明一下即可。例如:「We�e here today to discuss last quarter� sales figures.」 回顧企業過去 因為會議通常是要處理目前企業的近況,你必須要先在呈現新的資訊之前回顧舊的資訊。這通常會發生在某人看了minutes from the previous meeting。Minutes是在會議中正式的紀錄 ; 在看會議紀錄之前,你可以這樣說:「To begin, let� quickly go over the minutes from our last meeting」。�o over�/b>的意思是回顧某事,這通常使用在企業上。 說明議程及討論 現在是討論新的商業議題時候了!通常,你會跟著討論條列稱為「agenda.」 會議主持人將會帶著每一個人了解agenda.他們會說:「Please look at your copy of the agenda. There are xx items on the list today. Let� start with number xx.」

然後,一個成功的會議是要照著議程進行。當按時來進入下一個主題時,你可以說:「Now that we�e discussed � let� move on to�#12301; 。「Move on」一般都使用在商業議程上,它的意思是離開一個主題進入到下一個主題。 會議結束 結束了一個會議需要一些句子:總結每一件討論的事情,感謝每一位的出席,然後結束會議。這並不是一件很困難的事!總結開始是:「To sum up�#12301;例如:「To sum up, we've determined the sales figures could be better and discussed solutions.」然後,感謝每一位的出席:「Thank you all for attending/coming.」讓每一個人知道現在可以離開了:「The meeting is finished.」最後,下一次如果還有會議就可以說:「We�l see everyone next�」

Meetings are an important part of doing business. And if you're in a multinational company, many of those meetings will be conducted in English. Whether you're leading or just attending one, be prepared with these phrases for each stage of a business meeting:

Greeting/Opening The structure of a meeting is usually the same, regardless of the language. And meetings always start with a greeting! In English, you'll use the more formal "Good morning" or "Good afternoon" rather than "hello." Then, if you're leading the meeting, you'll need to announce that the meeting is starting. Example: "Good morning. It looks like everyone's here, so let's get started."

State the Purpose
Next, you have to remind everyone what the purpose of the meeting is, what business needs to be addressed. If you're in charge, say: "We're here today to..." Other phrases you might hear are: "Our goal today is..." or "I've called this meeting to..." Then finish with a brief explanation. Example: "We're here today to discuss last quarter's sales figures."
Review Past Business
Since meetings often deal with ongoing business, you have to review old information before presenting new. This happens when someone reads the minutes from the previous meeting. Minutes are the official notes from a meeting. Before reading the minutes say, "To begin, let's quickly go over the minutes from our last meeting." "Go over" means to review something and is commonly used in business.
Introducing the Agenda and Discussion
Now it's time to discuss new business! Usually, you'll follow a list of discussion items called an "agenda." The meeting leader will start by drawing everyone's attention to the agenda. They'll say: "Please look at your copy of the agenda. There are xx items on the list today. Let's start with number xx."

Then, the key to a successful meeting is keeping it moving forward. When it's time to move onto the next topic, say, "Now that we've discussed..., let's move on to..." "Move on" is commonly used in business settings and means to leave one topic and start another.
Finishing the Meeting
Finishing a meeting requires a few phrases: summarizing everything that's been discussed, thanking everyone for coming, and then dismissing the meeting. It's not hard, though! To summarize, start with: "To sum up..." Example: "To sum up, we've determined the sales figures could be better and discussed solutions." Then, thank everyone for attending: "Thank you all for attending/coming." Let everyone know it's okay to leave with, "The meeting is finished." Finally, if there's a follow-up meeting say, "We'll see everyone next..."

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