English for office emergencies/辦公室緊急用英語

English for office emergencies/辦公室緊急用英語

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English for office emergencies/辦公室緊急用英語 (中英對照 精華文章)

為了交件日加班 在今日世界上的企業裡達成已設定及會議交件日是一項技巧並且具有很大的壓力性。但一個有良好的管理專案要有一個注重實際的時程規劃並且會讓顧客們產生好印象。而一個過於樂觀的時程規劃也許就會導致一個緊繃的交件日,然後員工必須加班一整夜,我們稱之為burning the midnight oil。
成功的完成交件日 不論公司裡的每一個人都在最後一週熬夜趕交件,交件日能準時完成`也會存在著不確定性。很幸運地,每一個人工作努力都會有報酬的,然後你已經可以感受到交件日by the skin of your teeth!也就是說你已經準時執行一些事情了! 當事情不如我們想像的 什麼事情看起來像是一個好的解決問題方法,或許就實際上變為不夠充分的。像這類的例子我們說我們必須go back to the drawing board。這個確實的意思是我們需要找一個新的解決方案來設計一個更好的計畫。 克服受挫的顧客重新獲得信心 一些在企業上的事情所造成的問題沒有比顧客的不愉快的傷害來得大,尤其是如果這個顧客可以帶給公司很多的獲利!千萬不要害怕,可以利用不同的服務方法,甜言蜜語及一些流傳很久的過時道歉讓butter-up the customer。不要擔心,這並不表示在顧客身上塗滿了牛油;它的簡單意思是讓顧客感到滿意並且願意合作! 災害管理 偶而真的會有一些關鍵問題產生並且將嚴重的造成負面結果-一個股票市場崩盤或是一家公司讓渡,例如:維持一家企業的生存就是在這樣的環境裡,或許這有必要來執行我們所稱的damage limitation exercise就是藉由合併方案,縮減業務甚至全市場的關閉。

There's nothing like an emergency at work to spice up another routine day at the office. Check out this office lingo that you may hear your boss using when things aren't going to plan, when a project is running late, or when the stock-market has crashed!

Working late to meet a deadline
In today's high-pressure world of business, setting and meeting deadlines is a tricky prospect. A well-managed project plan will have a realistic timeframe and will be pleasing to the customer. An overly-optimistic timeframe may result in a tight deadline and employees having to work late into the night, what we call burning the midnight oil.

Successfully meeting a deadline
Despite everyone in the office burning the midnight oil for the last week, it was uncertain whether that deadline would be met in time. Fortunately, everyone's hard work has paid off and you've met the deadline by the skin of your teeth! This means that you have managed to do something just in time!
When things don't work out as expected
What seemed like a good solution to a problem may in practice turn out to be insufficient. In such cases we say we have to go back to the drawing board. This literally means that we need to look for new solutions and to design a better plan.
Recovering a frustrated customer
Few things create problems in business more than an unhappy customer, especially if that customer is worth a lot of money to the business! Never fear, use a variety of service skills, sweet-talk and some good old-fashioned apologies to butter-up the customer. Don't worry, this doesn't mean spreading butter on your customer; it simply means making your customer feel satisfied and cooperative!
Managing a disaster
Once in a while some really major problem will arise that has serious negative consequences - a stock market crash or a take-over of the company, for example. To keep the business alive in such circumstances, it may be necessary to perform what we call a damage limitation exercise by merging projects, cutting jobs or even closing whole departments.

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