You're hired! Writing an impressive resume/你被錄用了!寫一份很棒的履歷

You're hired! Writing an impressive resume/你被錄用了!寫一份很棒的履歷

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You're hired! Writing an impressive resume/你被錄用了!寫一份很棒的履歷
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resume or CV?

一份resume是求職者學歷、技能和工作經驗的一個摘要。在英國被稱作CV或者curriculum vitae。
Executive or entry-level?

一份履歷可根據你申請職位種類的不同而被分成幾部分。一份executive(理級別)的履歷跟一份entry-level(畢業後剛入職的第一份工作)的履歷完全不同。 Objective

有時候加在履歷的開頭,用來描述申請者應聘的目標:他或者她希望得到的具體職位。 Personal profile

這將求職者的主要技能、個人特性和所獲的成就總合起來,並在履歷的開頭處提供了一個簡單的概要。 qualifications or education

這部分描述了你的教育水平和學歷資:你上了哪所大學、學了什麼專業,及其他的專享業資格。 academic awards

這部分指任何你在學術上所獲得的honors(獎勵),還包括經濟上的獎勵如fellowships,scholarships和grants。 work experience or employment history

履歷的這部分描述你先前的工作經驗,包括銜頭、工作職責、僱用的時期,以及所成就的主要業績。 certifications and publications
一份專業的履歷可能還需要包括你的certifications(專業考試或執照),publications(你出版的書或文章)或affiliations(專業組織的成員資格)。 references
這部分列出了推薦人的名單,如你的老師或以前的僱主。 cover letter

Having excellent English can be the key to landing your dream job, but you have to get through the job application process first. Make sure your resume stands out from the rest with these terrific tips!
resume or CV? A resume is a summary of the job applicant's qualifications, skills and experience. In Britain this is called a CV or curriculum vitae.
Executive or entry-level? A resume can be divided into different sections depending on the type of position you are applying for. An executive (management level) resume will also look very different from an entry-level (first job) one. Objective This is sometimes included at the beginning of a resume to describe the applicant's employment goal: the specific position that he or she is aiming for. Personal profile This is a summary of the applicant's main skills, personal qualities and achievements, and provides a brief overview at the beginning of the resume. qualifications or education This section describes your education and training: which university you attended, your major subjects, as well as other qualifications that you have completed. academic awards This section lists any academic honors (prizes) you may have received. It can also include financial awards like fellowships, scholarships and grants. work experience or employment history This part of the resume describes your previous jobs, including the job title, responsibilities, dates of employment, and your major accomplishments. certifications and publications A professional resume may also include your certifications (professional examinations or licenses), publications (books or articles you've had printed) or affiliations (membership of professional organizations). references This section lists the names of people who are willing to recommend you for a position, such as teachers or previous employers. cover letter A resume on its own does not make a very good impression. It must be accompanied by a letter that introduces the applicant and explains why they are applying for the job.

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