Exit 30 Miles Per Hour

Exit 30 Miles Per Hour

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It was 1995, the first year I came to the states. A friend from Taiwan just started his first semester in Yale University, Connecticut. To show him my hospitality, I told him I could go down there and pick him up, and then we could go to places in Massachusetts.

"Ok, it's exit 30. I can see the sign from my dorm room,” he assured me on the phone, “My room is right next to the highway.” Even though my map said otherwise, I still took his directions. After all, his room was right next to the highway.

Not to my surprise, I was nowhere near Exit 30 when I was about to reach New Haven, the city where he was. According to the map, New Haven should be at Exit 1 & 2, but the directions he gave me were based on “Exit 30”. So, I could only
get off the highway and try to find his place on my own. Eventually, I located him after some help from people.

We had dinner, a short tour, and then we were on our way back to Massachusetts. When my car got onto the highway and passed the first exit, he suddenly pointed at the exit sign and said “Look! It's Exit 30!!”

It's Exit 30 all right, except that it's in yellow and with “M.P.H.” at the bottom.


I submitted a less-than-100-word version of this “joke” to Reader's Digest last year. Nope, I didn't hear anything back from them.
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