7 Secrets of Business Communication/商業傳訊的七種秘訣

7 Secrets of Business Communication/商業傳訊的七種秘訣

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7 Secrets of Business Communication/商業傳訊的七種秘訣 (中英對照 精華文章)



2.個人化.要記住同事的姓名,他們自然也會記得你的姓名。盡量避免在留下訊息的時寫"Dear Sir/Madam"。工作最終也就是建立良好的關係。

3.正式但是不呆版. 如果你太嚴肅的話,你的同事將會很難跟你相處的。保持心情輕鬆、自在,那麼你的同事可能不會覺得你看上去太嚴肅。只要找到中庸的一點便行了!

4.清楚和簡明. 形容很精簡且明確的述說事倩。另一方面,不要假設你正在跟他說話的那個知道你是誰,和你跟他們聯絡的始末,你需要給他們一個提示或一些背景資料。

5迅速的回覆一致性. 確認收到的重要的電子郵件及電話,如果你不在公司多達一天的活,讓同事知曉你將會不在公司。

6.保持冷靜. 在任何的工作環境,你都會遇到困難。發脾氣並不會有任何的,也只會將事情複雜化。趁這機會來顯示你懂得處理壓力,那麼你的同事也會刮目相看,在未來會給你更多的任務。

7.保持安靜! 溝通是相方面的。記緊要聽取其他人的意見、不打斷同事的說話,和不要忽視批評。每人都會曾經犯錯,但同事常常會給你很好的建議。再者,如果他們認為你會細心地聆聽他們說話,他們將會更願意聆聽你的。

Vishal Gujadhur

Do you know how to get noticed in the workplace? Communication is an essential job skill, but your success depends not only on what you say, but how you say it.

1. Be professional. Looking businesslike is the first step to acting businesslike, and people will take you more seriously if you are well-groomed. This also applies to body language, so always make eye contact and keep good posture, or you may appear to lack confidence.

2. Make it personal. Remember people's names and they will remember you. Do everything you can to avoid addressing a message "Dear Sir/Madam". Remember that business is about building relationships.

3. Be formal but not stiff. If you are too formal, people won't be at ease around you. Act too casual and people may not take you seriously. Aim for the middle ground!

4. Be clear and concise. Get to the heart of the matter quickly and don't waste words. On the other hand, don't assume that the person you're talking to knows who you are and why you are contacting them - they may need a reminder and some background.

5. Reply to correspondence quickly. Acknowledge receipt of important emails and phone calls, and if you'll be away for longer than a day, let people know you'll be out of the office.

6. Keep your cool. In any job, difficult situations will crop up. Losing your temper won't help and will just complicate things. Show that you can handle stress, and people will take notice and give you more responsibility in the future.

7. Keep quiet! Communication is a two way street. Listen to the opinions of others, don't interrupt people when they are speaking, and don't ignore criticism. We all make mistakes and our colleagues often have good suggestions. Also, people will be more willing to listen to you if they see that you're listening to them!

By Vishal Gujadhur

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