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作者: fi82023 (10:22 am)
delete a past
delete a friend
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作者: meredith (1:03 pm)

On August 3,2002, I left for England to persue my dream, which has occupied in my mind for more than ten years. A dream is something you are longing for but maybe you'll never fulfill it. In my case, I'm married, with two sons, a loving husband, and have a admirable job. What else do I need to looking for?
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作者: harvardone (1:12 pm)
I could not believe when I lost my laptop. I just went to eat lunch and I did not realize that someone will take my laptop. Probably I was so careless and I did not pay attention in my stuff. Next time I will pay for insurence and buy the lock. Poor me........and my money....
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作者: dabpaul (7:55 pm)
Oct 19.2005, I don’t want to do anything in this weekend, just before having a full piece of Pizza, I have taken this decision already, nothing to do accordance with my revision. But careless glance the clock, six thirty pa, god what a dead long night, my heart star trembling to be attracted those books on my desk, my hand gone with unstopped rhyme are clipping on the keyboard. I have to cease my manner now, I cant be distracted by the routine study then force my self put on the desk again. I need a break! This only routine about weekend.
By the way, sorry for forgetting to introduce myself advance. A senior guy in a college, never having the rough livelihood due to raised up in “civil”. You also can call me boy, because i always hide in my parents’ shell, they have the celestial responsibility to protect me I hold this thought for good. At this moment, you may know about me some stuff, in additional, I must make you convince other things, I m a not diligent guy, even sometime I do , but still be divided into the lax category. Ok, it is the time to talk about my present situation, those frustrate word I mentioned refer to the GRE exam, which I am preparing it now. I m so tired indeed now, so exhaustive that I have my conscious to check only one words in those book, that is also the reason why I stress to cling the computer. Suddenly, as I dully mess around in the sites and writing this article, a inspiration shock me, so huge ,expanding into any tiny nerve, transmitting messages in my brain, it let me stop it now, stopping go no this article. I instantaneously taking up revenge, scold it why I should to stop, damn, at the same time taking up my cup to moisten my throat, I m really annoy, I have ceased to continue my plan, and struggle to stay facing computer, why still don’t let me do it as well, I convince my instinct is un believe in more . Get out here, my heart, you haven’t belonged to me now!
(Some weak music I can hear, it comes from downstairs) I quit to stand up again to take a see, I m tried, subconsciously go on this article. Line by line ascribing my action, but it will be ore and more weak. Actually these seems appearance peaceful condition veil a fierce confliction inner, my instinct versus my thought, one is taking a ambitious attack to conquer other, of course the former is dominant, and once my thought is defeated, I will go back my desk compliantly. Just three day before, my friends give me a sigh to cheer me up, less one week, fatally I went in back the original lotus, still worrying about this
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作者: ericalin (11:30 am)
I have a part-time job to be a tutor. My student is a junior high school girl. She is a cute girl and has a wonderful family. When I talked to her, I felt she was not happy. Because her life fills with more and more test, she doesn’t understand why she should study the history and geography of China. What are important of mathematics、chemistry and physics in life? I don’t know how to answer her questions. Because when I was in her age, I also asked myself the same questions. But I still talked to her that these subjects could make her know more common sense. She look like she does not agree this thought. Oh… I don’t know how to make her know how lucky she is.
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作者: howard123 (3:10 pm)
Hurricane 稱為颶風,其實就是中度以上颱風,


熱帶性低氣壓 tropical depression
熱帶風暴 tropical storm 等於輕度颱風
颶風一級 hurricane category 1 74-95mph每秒33-43公尺
颶風二級 hurricane category 2 96-110mph每秒44-49公尺
颶風三級 hurricane category 3 111-130mph每秒50-58公尺
颶風四級 hurricane category 4 131-155mph每秒59-67公尺
颶風五級 hurricane category 5 156+ mph每秒68+ 公尺

以下依據CNN最近報導 Katrina 及 Rita Hurricane
有關颶風規模、移動、風雨、暴浪 之常用語詞


mammoth hurricane (像長毛象的巨怪)
monster hurricane
It is 280 miles from end to end
the cone stretches all the way from …all the way down to(颶風呈圓錐體cone)


heading this way.
roars towards land
taking aim at Galveston
moving in a westerly direction
heading just to the north
it took a turn overnight,
straight into that region.
expecting a slight turn to the north,
the storm track had shifted east
a stalled storm (近似滯留,緩慢前進)
hobbles weakly to the north (強拏之未,腳步蹣跚)
to linger over us (停滯不前,滯留)
take a close pass if not a direct hit
It's about to hook back towards the north(弧型迴轉)
A sharp right turn, a sharp easterly turn
southwest Louisiana may have to bear the brunt(首當其衝)
it were to curve in that western Louisiana area(如變化球切入)
crisscrossing through central Florida. (十字交叉通過)
it took that southerly jog (往南慢跑)
scooted across the southern tip of Florida(像滑板車輕快通過)
a slow mover continues to chug along in the Gulf(如老公車吱吱作響的緩慢前進叫chug along)
any twist or turn can make a big difference


gaining strength
haven't let up(沒有放鬆減緩)
continues to strengthen
continues to intensify
It ramped up to a category five(斜坡加速)
pack a catastrophic power (充滿)
carry winds up to 155 miles per hour

comes roaring into
roared across
the eye roars toward sudden impact..
hurricane approaches
it heads into
churning along with terrifying 165 mile per hour winds
barreling toward the already devastating Gulf Coast.(像滾桶一樣高速進行)
barrels closer
Cities and towns were stomped heavily
churning ashore off the Florida coast(攪動牛奶桶裡的牛奶)
slams into the Gulf Coast (用力摔門叫slam)
slammed ashore
rampaged across (爆跳如雷橫衝直撞)

make landfall on
the eye is crossing someplace
reach land
eyewall passed Lake Charles
hit land
the storm came ashore
come onshore

getting hammered by the wind pretty hard
The winds picking up
At it's peak, wind gust topping 100 miles-per-hour
high winds that have been plaguing Louisiana all day.
the wind howling
the wind delivered a 100 mile an hour punch
Rita has spawned several destructive tornadoes
Wind gusts up to 120 miles an hour
deadly debris rocketing with wind through the deserted streets. Trees not only being uprooted but snapped in half
The winds have really died down.
pound this area with sustained 60-mile-an-hour winds
they always pick up speed over warm water
the winds pummeling the area

battering with pounding rain
pounded with torrential rains
dumping torrential rain
swamped by 15 feet of water
the water lashing at your face
The rain here has been just torrential

unstoppable storm surge 暴風刮起的狂浪
the pounding surf broke some of the seawall
storm surge can tower 18 feet above normal sea level
the water was even choppier right there (波浪起伏的海面叫choppy sea)
the surf really pounding in

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作者: megan0917 (3:07 pm)
I was walking in the forest.
It was a place that people go on weekends to getaway.
It was windy and sunny that day.
Leafs were falling down from the trees blown by the wind.
I felt relief as I took a deep breath of fresh air.
The sky was very blue and no clouds at all.
What I heard were the songs from the birds singing in the trees.
It seems like they are quite enjoying their lives.
Suddenly, I saw a bench under a big tree.
Then, I was sitting there for a few minutes.
I drank some water and it tasted very sweet.
I took a look at the ground very carefully, and I found some bodies of cicadas.
Their lives are very short, not like human beings.
They looked very similar; I could not tell the difference between any of them.
Then, I saw more and more people come. It became a little noisy.
Kids were feeding toast to the carp fish in the lake.
Those carp get free meals each weekend.
Then, I stood up. I walked around the campus.
I saw lots of leafs falling down from the trees and it was the most
beautiful scene that I’ve ever seen.
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作者: howard123 (9:46 am)
各位club 朋友,誠摯邀請共襄盛舉


我利用網路search 功能
在CNN 網站 蒐尋 straggle 這個字出現的文章
然後進入文章中擷取上下文,並作一些 說明解釋
如下文,您讀了很快就對 這個字有深刻的印象,


Straggle 流離失散、散亂的一群人事物、散亂之後零星的出現、從一大隊移動的隊伍中落後脫隊、拉長的隊伍
1.Hurricane Katrina 造成紐奧良一大群人流離失所,這些人正陸續的向兩個救難中心移動,這些流離失所的人叫straggler。這些人零星的出現,向兩個救難中心移動可使用straggle to。
Compass said he wouldn't know how many [stragglers] remain until searches are complete. Hundreds of people [straggled] to the two sites from other areas to try to get out of the city

2.政府的政策雖然在政府內部已取得共識,已事先整合,並且已經站在同一陣線,已經整裝待發,可是民意的共識並沒有凝聚,民意還是散亂的落在後面,散亂的落在後面,可使用 straggling way behind。
"If the military options are not accompanied by a political strategy to prepare public opinion, then I think we will get to first base with our governments lined up but with public opinion [straggling] way behind,''

Natter said the range on the eastern tip of Vieques will be thoroughly searched for [straggling] protesters before training will resume.

There were still [straggling] rebels inside the Russian encirclement that surrounds Komsomolskoye,

Napoleon eventually scurried back to France, abandoning the remnants of his army to [straggle] home as best they could.

With their home markets [straggling],(引伸為遲滯落後,歐美的藥品市場在銷售量的成長上遠遠落後於日本市場之後,歐美藥商因此大舉進攻日本市場) western drugmakers are giving the Japanese market increased attention and now account for more than a third of pharmaceutical sales in Japan.

And even in South-East Asia, [straggling] economies such as Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are banking on 3-5% growth this year. (亞洲金融風暴之後不久,東亞經濟就強勁復甦,即使落後的經濟體如印尼泰國及菲律賓也有明顯成長)

As recently as August 10th, the Sudanese air force was still bombing villages. Refugees still [straggle] across the border into neighbouring Chad. 蘇丹難民拉長的隊伍,零亂的移動,從蘇丹越過邊境逃到查德

Refugees -- many with nothing but the clothes on their backs -- [straggled] for miles along the road between Srbica and Vojnik.

THE Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad Corporation has spent the past few years teetering toward oblivion. Its liabilities are great, and its main asset is a patchwork of rail lines that [straggle] from Minnesota into South Dakota, hardly an industrial hotspot.

But the people paying the highest price for inner-city rejuvenation—and reaping none of the benefits—are the 50,000 people of Boavista, an unplanned zone that [straggles] up the steep red-sand cliff to Miramar from Luanda's harbour.

Separatist tensions have been tearing at (撕裂) Indonesia from each end of the [straggling] archipelago. 印尼群島綿延散亂分布,兩端都有種族獨立運動,西邊是ACEH 就是上次海嘯最嚴重的地區,另一端東邊有帝汶

It looks all too possible that fighting in South Ossetia's [straggling] villages will intensify(喬治亞內戰,街頭巷戰在零星散亂分布的村莊間進行,有越演越烈的趨勢)
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作者: hsinyin (7:02 pm)
One's day, have calculated too having for nearly one year. Having had every countless daydream during this period of time, but that is illusion not touching forever. Perhaps meet a right person in more right time so each day. Once saw in an article " the time by mistake met the right person in a word in this way, it is that one kind is sad; It is a kind of absurdity to meet the person by mistake in right time; And if time by mistake meet wrong person, that must sad and ridiculous " know he can be regarded as I meet right person in time by mistake? ........
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作者: tinny0404 (5:09 pm)
I saw my father's big changes these years.

My father has double-personality. It means he has a variety of faces outside different from those at home.

Before his age of 40, he hung around with his friends almost every day. I could hardly see him when I was young. In my memory, my school tuition fees, my living expenses, and the house rents were all borne by my mom. My mom worked pretty hard in order to meet up all these expenditures.

My dad never paid a penny. His money mostly flowed away on his friends' and his own entertainments, inclusive of drinking, eating, singing, and gambling, etc. Moreover, his friends often borrowed money from him without refunding. So everyone liked making friends with him due to his generousity.

Sounds like he was very rich, hah? Actually it was not true. My dad had some money because he sold the real estates that my grandfather gave him. At first, we thought he'd use the money to buy a new house for us. Cause having already lived in my grandfather’s house for over 7 years, we thought of moving out for an independent life.

My grandpa's house was located in a small town of Tainan. As it was far away from the city, my mom wanted to move to the downtown area. So finally we decided to move to Kaohsiung and lived with my aunt temporarily.

But my dad diverted the money to invest in the stock market instead of buying a house. Unfortunately the stock market siutation slided all the way down during those times. My dad operated mostly in short-term transactions, so he paid too much handling charges on frequent buy-and-sell turnovers. Consequently, he lost most of his money in those speculative deals, and our dream to buy a new house was just like a bubble burst by my dad.

But he never learned his lessons. He thought of doing small business after failing in the stock market. Thus, he borrowed money from a relative and used it to rent a place and open a small cafeteria. Although his cooking wasn't bad, and running a business wasn't as easy as he thought. Lacking professional cooking experiences, he exhausted all the working capital and had to close his cafetaria shop 3 months later.

After that failure, my dad disappeared, and I could not know why he had to disappear and where he had gone.

I had never seen him throughout my junior high school ages. I almost forgot I still had a dad. I felt he abandoned us, leaving his 3 kids to be raised by his wife alone. I didn't know how my mom had managed to survive the hard time. All I could say was, "Thanks, Mom, I can never forget what you have done for us."

Fortunately, my dad still got some conscience. He picked us up after disappearing for 3 years, and we went northward to Taoyuan. He rent a store in the market to sell fruit. I felt that was great because he used to be a fruit farmer for years, selling fruit in the wholesale market. So he was specialized in fruit. I was so glad he finally found the job that fit him and settled down his drifting heart.

Although my dad still has no enough money to buy a house for us now, we live a happier life than ever. We have lived this way in a rented small apartment for over 10 years. That's ok; at least, my Dad has changed a lot, trying to become a good man. I think that's just enough. It doesn't matter how poor he is, as long as he treats us by his true heart. That would be the best fortune I have ever had.

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作者: handerson (12:41 pm)
Learning English has becoming the necessary and important part of our daily life. Many people think that if one wants to learn English better then he must go to the countries which people say English for learning. Actually, I personally think that to learn English better all depends on the determination one has. It is not necessary to go abroad to learn English better.
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作者: soliloquy (2:52 am)
Feeling that
Today is nothing but another yesterday.
Though it is not just the same day,
it doesn't really change anything, either.
In the days that seems repeating itself,
we ourselves, have changed.
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作者: florapeng (4:07 am)
i'm not quite happy recently. cuz i got some problems with my someone i like. i think i'm with the wrong guy again. i guess he is using me. but i've thought a lot about this relationship. i think it's almost time to get it over. i'll get through it quickly. wish i could find someone right soon. by the way, i really like Marion Raven's songs. i'm posting one of my favorite songs here.


high on a hill heard a bird sing her song
sang u were true, well she got it all wrong
she didn't know about ur lies and know ur stupic alibis
don't u know this bird got wise
surprise, surprise, surprise

the writting on the wall, yeah yeah
with letter written tall, yeah yeah
i thought i'd let u know befor i go
i will see u crawl

fell off the hill into darkest of dream
promises broke ripped apart at the seam
so now u know this bird has flown
u will repay me what u owe
don't u know u're gonna live
alone, alone, alone

the writtings on the wall, yeah yeah
with letters written tall, yeah yeah
i thought i'd let u know before i go
u made a big mistake, yeah yeah
signed and sealed ur fate, yeah yeah
i thought i'd let u know before i go
i will see u crawl

i'll wait till the night comes
in the darkness u r no one
i'll wait till the night comes
until i know all ur shadows r gone
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作者: tinny0404 (3:24 pm)
On Aug. 1st, I went to Yi-Lan International Folklore & Folkgame Festival with my friend. This was my first time being to Yi-Lan. At first, I was filled with exciting mood because I went out with Jack who liked me a lot. I thought we'd have a wonderful day.

But I was wrong, he was not as a nice person as I thought. His behavior was a little bit strange. Guess what? On that day when we got on the train, he bought newspaper and kept on staring at newspaper all the times on our way to Yi-Lan. I felt bored and started talking to him. I asked him if he wanted to listen to music or to eat something, but he just said no. Afterwards, he fell asleep when he became tired...

I didn't understand what he thought. He told his friends he liked me a lot and his mind would never change. And he often gave me a call to express his concerns. Sounded very thoughtful, wasn't it? But when we went out together, he changed to someone else. He became silent and solemn instead of being humorous and easygoing. That way, I even didn't know how to get along with him.

He also wasn't as considerate as I thought. You know, I used to carry a lot of girl's stuffs when I traveled far away from home. On that day, I brought a backpack and a handbag while Jack only took a shoulder bag. But he never gave me a hand carrying any of my bags. In my thinking, a gentleman wasn't supposed to be like that…

Finally we arrived at the Tungshan River Water Park, and I was so excited even if the sun was burning hot. I suggested we look around the park first and play the watering equipments later when the sunlight wasn't so strong. But he didn't want to walk; he said he'd sweat if he walked under the sun, so he just wanted to find a cool place to relax…

Ok, I followed his lead. We just stayed at a cool corner for about 3 hours talking on some boring topics, and ate lunch bought from convenience store.

I couldn't stand anymore. This was my first time coming here, and I should have had a lot of fun, and not have sat at the same place wasting my time…

Maybe Jack felt I wasn't happy, so we started playing all the games and watching the exhibitions after wasting 3 hours. Then we took a few photos before ending up our trip…

For me, this trip was really miserable for I had never had a trip like this before. I wouldn't go out with Jack again. I wrote a long mail to tell Jack we were not two of a kind. And our relationship was over after that trip…

Have you ever had a terrible trip just like mine??

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作者: soliloquy (2:44 am)
I've already forgotten that senior high English is really very hard!
I picked up the book, Far East Senior High Enlish, and found that I didn't know most of those words until being in college.
Didn't I know those words when being in senior high school?
Or, I just forgot that I had ever remembered them at that time...
How come there are so many words and grammars in senior high English level that I don't know clearly enough yet?
Shame on me =_=
Maybe, a senior high student's English proficiency is better than mine, a graduated English major @_@
Uhn....I didn't perform well in English either in senior high school...I do need to study senior high English again from now on.

Don't you all think senior high English is pretty hard...

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