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分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: xm4ai4 (3:41 pm)
This morning, I saw a cockroach appearing in my trash can. I was shocked and wanted to clean my room immediately, but I have a class at 8 and I couldn't skip the class because of the dreadful cockroach. After CL, I asked teacher about how to revise our composition properly, and she gave me the information of a useful software called "My access"; however, when I went to library, I found they didn't buy the data base (my school library always bought some weird data bases which are hardly really useful for students...). I wrote a suggestion to library to buy the data base, hoping they would mind it…

After brought a graded sheet of classmates writing play to teacher's mail box, I ran home to clean my room. But, what another shock to me is I found my purse was missing. What a nice news! I'd been put over one thousand NT dollars in it! Alas! I don't know what I could do….I've been to a lot of departments' office and school administration office to ask about whether there's someone picking up a black, round purse and bring it to there; of course, the answer is NO.

I don't want to think about what I lost…what is lost is lost...Keep thinking will make me continuing my unhappy emotion.

At noon, I ran to meet with my classmates to practice English. I was so hurry to forget bringing my room’s key, so today’s night I have to borrow the key from landlord again. (I felt very embarrassed for my bad memory…)

There’s another surprise (Thankful. It's a good news) in the afternoon’s class. EP teacher called my name for my (working hard) papers; he said he can see I did my best on the mid-term papers, but the papers have some (I saw the paper and know is a lot...) problems on my syntax and words (oh, I chose a lot of wrong words….). I’ll meet with teacher next Wednesday in his official hour time to discuss my problems on the paper (during the break we just discuss the first page, and the other two pages will be remained to next week.).

At night, I went to OT class and received my mid-term grades. Teacher is nice, and she didn’t give us terrible scores. Actually, I had thought I wouldn’t pass the test, because I made a lot of mistakes.

There always have a lot of mistakes, and I have to revise, revise, and revise. Hoping I'll remember these mistakes in my writing and never make these errors again and again.
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: chwong (2:01 pm)
Today, all the colleage look like very rush. Every job is rushing. Here, someone is complaining the shortage of the stock. There, someone is shouting the data is incorrect.

I have been very tired for all the issue occur. I think some problem rise between the management level. I really do not understand why the between the management do not like to communicate as others. This cause i have been the victim. I like the sandwich / mediator between 2 party. I am tire to due with this kind of situation. Really One is known by company he keeps. I understand i need to overcome this emotional acupuncture to achieve success in my life

At last, i need to remind myself haste make waste. I must learn the english step by step.

Let us learn together.
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: chwong (1:18 pm)
As i had promise yesterday, i will write something at my blog everyday.

Today i am quite bussy at office. A lot of workload need to finish. I have modified a program to adjust the printing report output. Initially, i am facing some problem while adjusting the report layout. However, at last i am able to complete it. Where they is a will, they is a way. I keep on remind myself do not be so upset, believe yourself you can do it.

Now, i am trying to recall to lesson i am listening while i am driving. Unfortunately, i totally forget the lesson.

I must put more effort on it. Keep it up.
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: emily_lai (10:13 am)
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: cutelucy (4:01 pm)
It's so happy day that I learn english almost all day
Today I have a english listening class at ten o'clock . Buy the way the class teacher is my faviort one ...Joanne Ha Ha..
Today in the class we saw a good program ..about mastaba feel so good ...thanks for Joanne..
About six o'clock I went to my school's library to study some english papers ..I'm feel solid~and happy !
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: cyber3877 (10:48 am)
Yesterday night my girlfriend as well as I went around at Rao-He night market(饒和夜市). For one reason, I haven’t been to a night market for a while. For the other, I like some snacks over there, spareribs soup with Chinese herbal, especially. There were so crowded with people that we walked like snails. We selected some snacks that we only ate when we were children. I also told her some games I was playing in my childhood, and they are still alive here. One of them is catching small fish with a small racket whose net was made of paper. I don’t know why I was then so fascinated in that game. But pitifully, the paper was always broken at the last second when I almost put the fish into the bowl. At last, I was obliged to follow my father leaving there with tears. Ha! Ha! Finally, we got seats at the stand of the spareribs soup vendor, and enjoyed the dishes with content.

I had promised her taking her to the Ferris wheel in Nei-Hu several months early. And now it was a perfect time making her happy and fulfilling my words. She was thinking that it was so romantic while we were together sitting in the carriage and viewing the night scenes of Taipei. Actually, in company with the carriage higher and higher, she became more and more nervous. She was just holding the iron railing tightly without a move. I wanna make things funnier and give her a memorable night. So I moved my body, making the carriage dangle. That made her screams out and stops me. But I continued doing what I wanna do until she was almost mad at me. Then I stopped to hold her in my arms, cuddled her and kissed her tightly. I guess I’m a bad guy. Anyway, we had a ball at a wonderful night.
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: djyang (5:22 am)
剛在電視上看到一個減肥藥品廣告,Lipozene。這名字取的不錯,因為開頭幾個字和 liposuction (抽脂術)一樣,所以很好記也容易聯想。


後來我瞄到廣告右下角,藥丸名稱Lipozene下方有個括號名稱--xxxx Konjac。

Konjac? 這不是 蒟蒻(click me) 嗎?

為了求證,我把整個名稱抄下來然後對照wikipedia上的蒟蒻學名(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konjac),果然是一樣--Amorphophallus konjac


分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: mayflower (11:03 pm)
Yesterday, my husband and I with kids went for shopping. We went to an electronic store to look for cell phone cases and notebook PC. We stayed at the notebook PC section for a while to study their functions, specifications and prices. Then, a salesperson came and asked us,
Salesperson: “What brings you in?”
I replied: “Oh, I just take a look at the notebook.” (I was surprised what he just said to me.)
Salesperson: “You’re just browsing around. Let me know if you need any help.”

When we stepped out of the store, my husband and I were discussing about what that young salesperson had said.

My husband said, ‘that salesperson just said to me “What brings you in?” and it sounded like “什麼風把你吹來?” in Chinese.’

I replied, ‘Yeah, he said the same thing to me. Usually, they just ask the customers whether they need help or not. When that salesperson asked me “What brings you in?” I didn’t know what and how to answer. It sounds weird to me because I always think that we say, “What brings you here/in?” to friends whom we haven’t seen for a while.’ : )
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: mayflower (12:30 am)
I got a note from my daughter's school regarding the school rule for tardiness.

The note said:

3rd unexcused tardy = LUNCH DETENTION
5th unexcused tardy = AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION

The "tardy" on this note was a noun and a plural form, tardies, and the teacher also wrote "She has only two tardies" in the e-mail for me. I'm kind of puzzled because all I know is "tardy" is an adjective and tardiness is a noun.

I looked for the word, "tardy", in my "Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English" and other online dictionaries, and all these dictionaries didn't have this information of "tardy being a noun.", and the dictionary showed that "tardy" is an adjective and tardiness is its noun. Still no answer to my question. Therefore, I posted my question in an English Forum and finally got my answer.

Someone has answered my post and she wrote:

Get a subcription to this dictionary.


Inflected Form(s):-es
Etymology:tardy, adjective

: an instance of being tardy (as for class)


I double checked the Merriam-Webster's sister web site, http://www.m-w.com/ (and key in the word "tardy"), and really found the info that she has posted. I always think that Lognman Dictionary is a good dictionary, but it seems that the dictionary needs an update.
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: djyang (2:39 am)


李連杰的電影,也許是"Kiss of Dragon"吧,反正就是一個有關出自"Made In Taiwan"的鑽石雷射什麼的,那個演壞蛋的華人明顯的就不會講中文,不過至少他有練過,雖然怪調,勉強還算能聽懂他在說甚麼。

Tomb Raider第二集的女主角Angelina在上海講普通話,雖然有些怪調,但還算聽得懂,後來緊追來的那個男的也對船家說了幾句中文,不過他就沒Angelina講得好。

好幾個禮拜前的一個週六晚上在看Mad TV,反正就是喜劇型的節目,突然在一個短劇裡頭我聽到一句"台語",我嚇了一跳,因為這可以說是絕無僅有的,我本來以為我聽錯了,後來注意聽,沒錯,確實是台語,說的人是東方人,似乎是臨時演員所以平常沒在節目上看到,短劇的劇情是他是黑道混混,然後在被K時吼幾句中文。我很興奮的跟我gf說"It's Taiwanese!"不過後來我又補充那也有可能是閩南語,我在猜那人可能來自福建,也有可能來自台灣,然後導演只是要他說他的"亞洲語系"的母語,是哪種中文那就無關了,反正一般美國人聽不懂。


分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: djyang (5:30 am)


Color is a great indicator of quality ingredients and flavor in beer. We use over 50 lbs. of malted barley per barrel which imparts caramel, coffee notes and give Samuel Adams Boston Lager it's rich golden amber color. The average beer is brewed with around 30lbs of malted barley per barrel.
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: djyang (7:05 pm)
I'm watching this movie on TV. It's about some kids playing baseball (so far). One batter broke the outer shell of the baseball when he hit it, so all the kids came over and examined the ball.

They're exchanging words. One kid says:
"That's the most amazing thing I've ever saw"

BTW, I don't know the name of this movie... (and I'm changing channels~~)
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: abc02161 (6:37 pm)
Today I felt cool as I slept in the morning.
I think the fall's coming. But I like it very much that is a cosy weather!

After school I went to a grownd where basketball games are played in the back of school. That was so bad! Because I hurt my buttock....I hope it will be fine,and to be recovered to healthy soon.

About 8:30pm, my frined asked me to go to the shopping mall with him and his friends. They bought a lot, like snacks.

Then we pick them home and went back to our rooming houses.
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: Yuwan (2:17 pm)
Growing day by day, I am 18 years old. When I was three, I loved rideing a bicycle with my family.It was a really young age.Now I am 18, but I am very afraid of riding motorcyvle. It's really not like me!
Today, I stayed home with myself,and I needed to change my ID card. The office where people change the card is far away my home, but no one could help me, so I rode a motorcycle going to handle wuth the task. On the way, I was very nevous and hoped not to meet the policer. Right, I don't have the license. Fortunately, now I am at home, not at the police office!
分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: David (8:12 pm)
As www.English.com.tw growing faster than ever, we are getting more and more noticeable by our potential partners and just recently, within last week, I have received emails from 3 high profile vendors expressed their interests of becoming an www.English.com.tw partner! They are EF, EnglishTown and ChinaPost. I hope, with these new partnerships, ECT can provide better service, more information, and useful knowledge to our members!

I highly encourage our members to visit their sites to see what they have to offer and consider them for their service/product over their competitor as they are partners of www.English.com.tw and doing good deed in supporting of www.English.com.tw to provide better service, information, knowledge to you for free.

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