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作者: peace11 (5:58 am)
Dear L&J:
I miss you all so much. I started missing you when i was in the airplane.
I`m disappointed about my University life in Taiwan.Remember that i told you before ? there`s no enviroment which i want.But,i`ll do my best.After graduating,hope i can study abroad.I really want to go to the south island,maybe that time i can see you all again.
p.s Jordan, do you get your e-mail address?lol,i`ll send you lots of chocolate.

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作者: djyang (6:40 pm)

There is a distinct difference between saying "This is how most native speakers say it; therefore, it is acceptable to most native speakers", a jolly good statement of empirical fact that cannot be denied, and "Although this is how most native speakers say it, it is not clear, unambiguous, precise, euphonious, or otherwise pleasing to the eye and ear and, therefore, should be avoided if you want to sound good when you speak and write".

- by dontbother
Franke: EFL teacher and medical editor
Unmunged email: /at/hush.ai
Native speaker of American English, posting from Taiwan
It's all in the way you say it, innit?
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作者: djyang (5:45 am)
在美國有一種....暫稱為俚俗的說法好了,那就是 have had read。例如:
I have had read a book. (我讀了一本書 -- 不會有問題的說法是 I have read a book)



I have read, or have had read to me ...(a document)



一個實際例子: (www.wicourts.gov/forms/CR-226.DOC)


I have read, or have had read to me, this entire document. I have truthfully answered and understood all portions of this document. (略...)

I certify that I have read, or have had read to me, ........
I have read (or have had read to me) ..........

我在猜啦,因為我不知道真正形成原因,也許是因為常在文件上看到這用法,所以衍生出一些"較不正式"(或"較不正確",角度問題囉)的用法,這其中有單用"have had read to someone"這部分的用法,然後在意思上有原來的"由主詞之外的第三者唸給某人聽"和"主詞自己唸給某人聽",以及簡化後的最開頭的"have had read" -- 主詞自己唸囉。


另外還有個看起來很像的用法 -- had have + p.p.,這有個很好玩的名稱 -- plupluperfect (pluperfect 是 past perfect"過去分詞"的別稱,所以這我戲稱為 過去過去完成式:p),這我另外再寫。
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作者: webberhan (11:00 am)
【戰勝英文寫作 】

東華書局 出版

沒有浮誇封面, 只有曖曖內含光
沒有長篇大論, 只有一針見血



I am very impressed with him because he is never late. I ivelieve this good behavior will be the reason why he will succeed.
1. 真正的主詞失蹤。主詞不是「我」,而是他的「行為」,未能抓穩全句精簡的結構。一般而言,若主詞不夠明確,全句將會流於鬆散,亳無重心可言。
2. 句子冗長、累贅,浪費文章寶貴的篇幅。
3. vocabulary 太幼稚,難登英文作之堂。

His impressive punctuality ahsll lead him to success.

當局者迷, 寫了那麼多中式英文, 直到看到這本書才清楚什麼是中式英文。這本書就像照妖鏡, 反映出中國人英文寫作的缺點。這本書也是一張藏寶圖,帶領我們走向高水準的英文寫作。

馮景照、蔡宇茗 編著
林錦和、馮景照、蔡宇茗 翻譯
吳國賢 錄音

黑片裕一 著; 戴偉傑 譯


【Criterion Virtual Writing Class】

my blog: http://spaces.msn.com/members/vincenthan/
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作者: e2debs (12:11 am)
omg the most random thing happened to me yesterday
my mum, my brother and i were walking along this path on campus
then on the grass about 10 steps away lay a bird
wings out, spreadeagled, stomach up
then a converstion took place...

mum, "hey look, what happened to that bird?"
me, "awww no it must be dead, lying there like that!! How can someone do that do it?"
mum, "but look its head is still moving!"
me, (looked at the bird) "true, then it must be very hurt, lying there like that, aww poooor birdie!!" (very emotional)
mum, "it's just sunbathing!"
me, "SUNBATHING?" (i thought my mum was so cruel to say something like that about a sick little bird) "how can you say that? it's hurt!!"
the bird just wasn't moving, other than the occasional head-turning

after about a second, the bird stood up and hopped away, looking perfectly healthy and perky

now comes the question...birds sunbathe?? either i'm just too naive, or something amazing happened there...

(ps then my mum thought i was the one who was cruel, jinxing the bird like that, saying it's first dead then hurt...)
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作者: pei3310 (1:18 pm)
Jan. 4th, my new coworker,Luck Wang 35ages,readed my English letter(the letter is for my idol).But he didn't ask my agreement and entered my personal file by company's computer. He told me "Your English letter was good wrote by yourself.(Pay attention, next sentence is point!)Even though you worte it in Chinese English but I still undersood it." At that time, I didn't know he was complient or ironic me and seems like I lose my privacy.I think his English ablity is better than me however he would more humble,does't he? It was realy a bad day.
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作者: webberhan (10:20 am)
If there is a paradise in Taiwan, that must be the Cingjing Veterans Farm. She hides herself at the Jen-Ai Town of the Nan-Tou County in the Central Taiwan. Cingjing Farm is famous for the beautiful scenery, Sheep Shearing Show, and characteristic home-stays. Autumn is the best time to see the most graceful and romantic looks of the Cingjing Farm.

Passing native forests, through towering gorges, you can wrap yourself in the fresh air and the scenic wild greenery of the Cingjing Farm. Cingjing Farm is surrounded by notional park and hot spots. In the autumn, the best scenic spot is the Aowanda Forest Recreational Park. With the arrival of autumn, maple leaves turn red and flutter in the air, so it is acclaimed as “the home of Taiwan maple woods”. Taking a walk through the forest, you would feel that you are walking into the scenery of the romance movie, The Autumn in New York. You also can enjoy the graceful sight of Meng-Gu Waterfall and Emerald Lake.

Cingjing Farm is one of the most popular farms in Taiwan. Every weekend, the people there will hold an interesting Sheep Shearing Show. The host is Mr. Grand from New Zealand, along with the assistant, his wife Mrs. Grand, who is a Taiwanese, will bring the audience their marvelous program with the cute sheep. The show begins with the "sheep herding". Mr. Grand commands his two sheepdogs with a whistle. And impressively, the sheep will be herded into their fence by jumping in a very short time. Next, Mr. Grand will invite an audience down to be the sheepherder. She/he will classify the sheep into three groups. Finally, Mr. Grand will give you his master-stroke -- the sheep shearing show. During the show, Mrs. Grand will translate for him. Their presentation is very humorous. And the innocent look and the comical posture of the sheep will definitely make you laugh!

There are many characteristic home-stays in Cingjing Farm, every home-stay vie with each other for glamour. Cloud's Hometown has the most fantastic view of all home-stays. The VIP room has three French windows, so you can appreciate the ancient forest, deep gorge, and mirror-like Emerald Lake without any blind spot. Taking a bath and look outside the window, the indistinct senses behind the fog will let you feel that you are the angel living in the “Cloud's Hometown”. Surrounded by the nature, you can totally enjoy yourself with the fusion of human and nature.

The scenery of Cingjing Veterans Farm changes throughout the four seasons. In addition, different temperate flowers and fruits are grown there as well. As long as visiting the Cingjing Veterans Farm in different seasons, you will not only highly praise the miracle of nature, but also enjoy an unforgettable vacation!
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作者: jasonhuang (4:28 am)
when I was 7 years old, I went to America to learn and study english. when I was in America the only word I know is apple, so I was very scared and didn't like school very much. But my dad couraged me to speak up and don't be afraid. so i began to speak up and learn and play with them.then my english became better and better and now I almost speak like a proffesional.

so i suggest everyone to speak up and don't be scared.and courage yourself. think that your english is excellent, and when you began to speak up your english will be excellent.
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作者: mingshuan (8:57 pm)
I wake up in the morning, then I have to go to school by moto.
When I finished my class in the school, I've go to do my job for teach children.
My job is teach students to learn rollerblade and how to play rollerblade well.
Even I got my home, my dog welcome I come back, and happy to stay with me.
I will play with my dog for a while before I take a shower.
And study something, review my job today, talk with people on internet...etc!
I go to sleep when I feel tired.
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作者: miao (7:30 am)
When u said that u do not know Y u miss me..

When u said that u dreamed of me..

When u said that u just feel like kissing me..

When u tried to say "I Love U" to me in Chinese..

Are u serious...??

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作者: djyang (7:45 pm)

1.slippers (圖1)

2.sandals (圖2)



A backless, often foam rubber sandal held to the foot at the big toe by means of a thong.


- A low shoe that can be slipped on and off easily and usually worn indoors.


1.A shoe consisting of a sole fastened to the foot by thongs or straps.

2.A low-cut shoe fastened to the foot by an ankle strap.
3.A rubber overshoe cut very low and covering little more than the sole of the shoe.
4.A strap or band for fastening a low shoe or slipper on the foot.


那麼那種寬帶狀的『拖鞋』可不可以也叫作flip-flops? 當然也可以,只是那種人字形的仍是佔大宗,在賣flip-flops海灘鞋的地方比較少看到(至少在我印象所及,幾乎沒看到過),其他的話就是在一般的(casual) sandals區裡較常看到。若要特別標明這是『人』字形的flip-flops以方便和寬帶狀的加以區分時,可以說thong flip-flops,要正式一點的話可以寫thong sandals。

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作者: sophia006 (2:56 am)
English writing is totally difficult for me! I almost give it up. Why learning English is so tough.

I attended two seminars within a day. One topic is “how to teach and direct the gifted student.” The other is” taking care of inferior groups (弱勢),and hop no child left behind.” I feel sad after finished two seminars. Why children’s fates are totally different, just like clouds in the sky and mud in the ground. Can the God tell me why?
The situations of families are more and more complicated because the world changes rapidly. When we find the student who has behavior problems, we also find that his (or her) family almost has something wrong. According to the statistics of the student who has a behavior problem in primary school,( 這句話是否怪怪的) we find the student who lives with the single parent or with the grandparent is easier causing problems. When we want to deal with their problems, we always feel frustrated because the family can’t cooperate with us. Finally, some students force to give up themselves, and even commit a crime. How sad!
So I hope the parents should think carefully about your children priority when you make the critical decision of your life. Otherwise, maybe you will destroy your children’s whole life!


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作者: leifsonmc (10:36 am)
We care for literature primarily on account of its deep and lasting human significance. A great book grows directly out of life: in reading it, we are bought into large, close, and fresh relations with life; and in that fact lies the final explanation of its power.

Literature is a vital record of what men have seen in life, what they have experienced of it, what they have thought and felt about those aspects of it which have the most immediate and enduring interest for all of us. It is this fundamentally an expression of life through the medium of language. Such expression is fashioned into the various forms of literary art. But it is important to understand, to begin with, that literature lives by virtue of the life which it embodies. By remembering this, we shall be saved from the besetting dander of confounding the study of literature with the study of philology, rhetoric, and even literary technique.

Charles Bridge Cyclist

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作者: djyang (6:05 am)

到朋友家後剛好開始吃晚嚏A吃飯時,住在紐約州的朋友說他們過海關時被搜查,連一些打包好的禮物都得打開給海關人員檢查。他們說當海關問說他們有沒有帶任何的違禁品時,他們回答: "Not really".

就因為這句"not really"他們被叫到一旁搜車,我的老美朋友笑說你應該回答"No",因為"not really"帶有不確定的意思,不是完全的"Yes",也不是完全的"No"。

海關人員聽到這種smart ass般的回答當然不會輕易放過。

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