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分類: 體育運動 : 

作者: seattlecat (5:04 am)

由台北市外語學會主辦 英語教學名師李宗玥領隊!

提供1.文化的交流 2.語言的交換 3.實踐做中學、學中做的法則

時間:12/22/2007 Saturday 10:00-20:00
地點: 石門水庫,The Tony House,馬卡博物館,懷舊的客家餐館
下午茶(TONY HOUSE)、客家博物館門票、晚餐
PS.請於12月20前來電報名,若有任何變動,將以電話告知 !
集合時間地點:早上九點整 台北市228和平公園(面對公園路門口)

Christmas weekend day trip
“My Favorite Spot in all of Taiwan” – Paul & Chiang Kai Shek
Celebrate Christmas Weekend and the beginning of the winter Solstice in one of the most beautiful spots in all of Taiwan. Enjoy breathtaking views and experience Hakkanese winter celebrations with all of your friends. Make the winter of ’07 a memorable one!
1.ShiMen Reservoir - Known for its many variety of fish
2. The Tony House -  One of the most relaxing an beautiful spots in Taiwan
3. The Hakka Museum - Special Cultural Celebrations to inaugurate the Winter Solstice.
4. Old Fashioned Hakka Restaurant - Traditional Hakka dining in Old Fashioned Hakka Restaurant
WHEN: DECEMBER 22 HOW LONG: 10:00 – 20:00
PRICE: $1,500
INCLUDES: Rented Bus, Admission to Reservoir, Lunch at Reservoir, Coffee/Tea & Desert at the Tony House, Admission to the Hakka Museum, Dinner and Bus Ride back to Taipei.
Call (02) 3233.6565 in order to reserve a spot
分類: 體育運動 : 

作者: seattlecat (3:22 pm)

NPR -- http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=16771849

What would you do? Will you kill a cat threatening birds lives? One bird-lover kills wild cats in order to saving the endangered species birds and ended up getting into a jail eventually.Maybe the better way is to get cats away from birds. That’s the way you respect both lives of birds and cats.Most of time, I’ve found out that people do many things only for their own good but ignoring others rights. They may take away one’s advantages to satisfy the other.
分類: 學英文的日子 : 

作者: seattlecat (5:19 am)

With the technology help, people can dream big and more and make them happen as much possible as they can. ”One laptop per child” is one good example. As like the guest describes that outside the class, it’s a book with sources from the world you can use. Although there are difficulties need to be dealt with, I do see the hope in the recent future. Think about that, without the hassle of recharging battery, you can really use it in many places in long hours. Self-supported function such as bar-tunning operation, in my opinion, is the best part of the computer. I really hope I could get one someday.

official site_one laptop per child
分類: 學英文的日子 : 

作者: seattlecat (4:15 am)
When I found someone has been traveling around the world for a pure fun of surfing, other than admiring his life style, I hope someday I could be a person who can do things you love as like him.

分類: 學英文的日子 : 

作者: seattlecat (5:34 am)
more info:

In the world you can have the most information ever, you also have more choices for your own good. With well-cared services, Asian hospitals provide a great deal of cost to attract Americans to come for alternative options. As like the patient mentions "I have more choices to save my life." In this case, we can feel the competition is getting fierce in the field of medical services. People won’t make the same decision all the time once they have better choice.
分類: 心情小站 : 

作者: seattlecat (6:06 pm)
Ask.com adds new search tools for blogs
SAN FRANCISCO - Ask.com is adding new tools to appeal to the growing online audience trying to track the latest commentary on blogs, marking the online search engine's latest move to become a more prominent player in its field.

The features, scheduled to debut Thursday, provide a specialty channel that focuses search requests exclusively on material appearing on blogs — geek shorthand for the online journals known as Web blogs.

Millions of people now write on blogs, creating a highly opinionated and increasingly popular part of the Internet.

But staying on top on the latest information in the so-called "blogosphere" has been difficult because the information there is updated more frequently than most Web sites, exposing weaknesses in the indexing systems of traditional search engines like Ask.

How do you feel like the searching thing nowadays compare with it ten year ago? Back to the past time, we might spend the whole evening to dig out tons of piling data in order to find out needed information. We did develop certain kinds of sorting system to help us dealing with this kind of searching. Thanks for the great efforts we put on the Internet technology, the things are quite different to deal from it used to be. We produce more information than we could image everyday on the Internet. Everyone could be the owner of their website or blog. People provide what they know and share what they have in convenient ways. That’s result combining with the magic of technology, power of imagination and the need of communication. It’s tremendous, extremely, and exciting moment we should celebrate for enjoying the sweet fruit out of many hard working efforts.

分類: 我的一天 : 

作者: seattlecat (12:33 pm)
Study: Canadians healthier than Americans

AP - Tue May 30, 10:53 PM ET

ATLANTA - You can add Canadians to the list of foreigners who are healthier than Americans. Americans are 42 percent more likely than Canadians to have diabetes, 32 percent more likely to have high blood pressure, and 12 percent more likely to have arthritis, Harvard Medical School researchers found. That is according to a survey in which American and Canadian adults were asked over the telephone about their health.

Who needs health? People who long for prolonging their lives could feel hopeful to achieve this goal. The progress on science of disease discovering and curing provides a great number of chances for devastated patience. The profound technology provides on surgery and medication save people out of painful suffering and death. We do need help to maintain our body in a well condition since we are afraid of serious torture that disease could give us. There is no way you can avoid having your eyes on it either you pay all attention on or spend all your money. Just face it, and gain power from God and fight for your own good.

分類: 未分類 : 

作者: seattlecat (6:39 pm)
Quake death toll climbs past 4,600

Rescue workers dug desperately for survivors and hospitals struggled to cope with the thousands of injured, a day after an earthquake killed more than 4,600 people on Indonesia's Java island.

Try to give yourself a as-if example that you were the father of the injured girl, you were the members of her family. You may say that “I am sorry, I could do that. It’s far to terrify for me to do something like that.” Something or someone you lost with nothing you could help with. What a tragedy. However, simply, it could just be the part of life that you could just accept it. 4,600, which could be a figure means something leave or disappear for someone, or, it could mean nothing for someone else. Sometimes, I think in the way to ignore it : there’s nothing I could do about it so …. But that’s not a good way to deal with…
I don’t know.

More information:
分類: 未分類 : 

作者: seattlecat (9:04 am)
Trans fat is found in margarine, and in vegetable shortenings. If you see the words "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated oil" on the label, the product contains trans fat. Partially hydrogenated oil is in about 40 percent of the food at the grocery store, including some products most consumers regard as healthy. Almost every packaged, convenience food contains one or more sources of hydrogenated oils, including: most cereals, bread, cookies, crackers, chips, pies, french fries, pizzas, pop corn, peanut butter, cake frosting, candy, and ice cream. Food labeled "low in saturated fat," "cholesterol-free" or "made with 100 percent vegetable oil" can have so much trans fat that consumers who are focused on heart-healthy choices should avoid these like the plague. One study, by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, showed that foods with partially hydrogenated oils in the ingredient list contained 1 gram of hidden trans fat for each gram of saturated fat. That means some "Name Brand" chocolate chip cookies, for example, with 2 grams of saturated fat per serving also contain 2 additional grams of trans fat. Trans fat amounts aren't regulated at all, so manufacturers and fast food operators don't have to list it on nutrition labels. That means there's no easy way to know how much you're eating. All you can do is read labels and look for“partially hydrogenated oil”.

There are some words catch my eyes in the information: trans fat, hydrogenated oil, saturated fat, heart-healthy choice, nutrition. It could mean not much importance for a healthy he or she, but for someone who is taking care his or her body. A diet war caused by food is within our modern world. We have more food to choose, more fun to enjoy on having delicious bits. To name some I love: bread, cookies, chips, French fries, peanut butter, ice cream and so forth; oh my, how much unhealthy fat I gain in the intake.
分類: 心情小站 : 

作者: seattlecat (7:03 pm)
Myocardial infarction means heart attack, or coronary thrombus. Myocardium is the name for the heart muscle. Infarction means the death of a muscle, tissue or organ as a result of a blockage of the blood supply to it.
The heart muscle needs oxygen to survive. The coronary arteries deliver oxygenated blood to the heart muscle. When one or more of the arteries supplying the heart blocks, the oxygen supply to the myocardium stops, and the part of the heart supplied by that particular artery dies. This is a myocardial infarction.

A myocardial infarction is usually caused by disease of the coronary arteries. Arteries are like pipes with blood flowing through them. In coronary artery disease, the arteries become narrowed, usually because of fatty deposits of cholesterol and other substances. This process is known as atherosclerosis. The deposits are collectively known as atheroma, with a fibrous layer on top. Sometimes this fibrous layer ruptures or becomes damaged and roughened and platelets (blood cells involved in clot formation) can stick to this damaged area and form a clot. This clot can completely block the blood flow through the coronary artery, causing a myocardial infarction.

A myocardial infarction, so called 心肌梗塞. It’s kind of like a silent killer especially for elders. It will grab your life out of you and your family easily. We do concern the results disease would cause; however, there’s always not much we could pay attention all the time until it’s too late to save a life. The more details of disease you realize, the more worry I have.

More infor:
分類: 不爽吐糟 : 

作者: seattlecat (6:17 am)
Trust me, I'm a robot— the news report from CNN
Medical robots set to transform our hospitals

Surgery in the future will look very different. Where now there may be up to a dozen medical professionals present in the operating theater, soon there may be only two or three, with robots having taken over many of the jobs done by nurses and support staff. Even the surgeon may be elsewhere.

Man and machine
Conventional surgical tools are replaced with robotic instruments under direct control of the surgeon through "teleoperation."

It also has a motion scaling concept, which can be scaled down to five-to-one, so you can be much more precise than a human hand could.

The robots act as an extension of a practitioner's skills, which allows them to perform better by helping improve control and precision.

“Robots will also help surgeons cope with the exhaustion of long procedures, and the da Vinci system's mechanics have been programmed to compensate for the hand tremors tired surgeons sometimes suffer from.”

Nurse robot
"Most of us would rather be attended to in a hospital by a robot than be ignored, and given the choice to stay in our own homes with a nursebot or go to a nursing home, a robot would allow us to continue to live independently as well as offer a more cost-effective alternative."

If I was in the U.S., for example, I could use my hotel's high-bandwidth connection to be beside the beds of the patients I'd been with the day before in London.

The human touch
"What we'll have is a robotic assistant for the nurse, which cleans out the bed pan, and maybe gives you the injection, and helps the nurse lift you out of bed on to the operating trolley,"

"But the core job a nurse does is to provide you with care, it's a caring job, it's an interpersonal job that has to be done by a human being, and there's always going to be some premium on having that human contact.

"I don't think we're getting to a stage with fully automated surgery, but who knows? A few years ago pilots were kings of the sky but now computers do many aspects of flying planes. We'll just have to wait and see."

My points: the relationships between human beings and machines somehow confuse people within conventional and future aspects. On one hand, we go for adventuring the unknown limits to better off our lives. We go for exploring unknown territory to broad our views and doing something on one try it before. On the other hand, we may wonder how all this could help us in any way. We refuse to conduct new world that full of technology and the language of zero and one. I think the harmonious scene could be like that we hold a robot with one hand, and our love ones with the other.
People do need attentions from others in any forms, no matter what we call that: concern, care, comfort, courage, inspiration, praise and so on. When we get sick, we need helps from both in physically and mentally. In we are vulnerable in a hospital, a careful look from people around may cheer us up. A touching visit could help us get rid of pain. Wherever these attentions come from, they do help no matter what.

For more information:
分類: 心情小站 : 

作者: seattlecat (5:48 pm)
The popularity of organic foods can be traced to many people’s nostalgia for a simple or pioneer-like lifestyle. And many people believe that organic foods are safer than foods produced on a large scale by traditional methods. Many people also believe that these organic foods contain more and better nutrients than conventional food.
In fact, plants absorb all their food directly from the soil in inorganic form, no matter where the nutrients may originally have come from. Experiments in Michigan and in England that went for 25 years were unable to find any difference in plants raised organically and plants raised with chemical fertilizers. Things that do affect nutrient content are climate, time of harvest and genetics—but no difference results when plants are grown organically.
Neither are organically grown plants free from chemicals and pesticides. Some pesticides leave traces in the soil for years, and the traces may be absorbed by the plant that is “organically” grown. Rainfall may wash pesticides from neighboring farms onto “organic” field, and sprays or other applications of chemicals drift cause the same problem.
Furthermore, all foods – whether grown conventionally or organically—may contain toxic substances to some degree; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains constant checks to ensure that these substances are kept at a harmless level. But aflatoxin, a mold that causes cancer, may grow on crops such as peanuts, or be present in milk. Lead and arsenic are sometimes present in bone meal or seafood. And many vegetables contain poisonous compounds such as oxalic acid and nitrite compounds. The point is, all these toxins may be present in a given food, no matter how the food was grown and cultivated. Toxic substances in food do not necessarily have to come from fertilizers or chemical sprays.

After reading this, I feel like I was a fool that, sometimes, without further studying, just believe what media educate and people say. In this information-flooding world, you’ll never know what really truth is. For example, the “stick-proof” chemical coated on the cooking ware produced by DuPont called Teflon has found that contains poisonous stuff could harm for people has been wild-used and popular among consumers around the world. And now, I become a victim of the fact though I was the lover of the product.
分類: 未分類 : 

作者: seattlecat (4:45 pm)
Groups slam CLA for treatment of foreign workers
By Cody Yiu
Thursday, Jan 27, 2005,Page 3
Labor rights groups yesterday urged the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) to make the transfer of foreign migrant workers from one employer to another a more transparent process.
On Jan. 20, 112 Filipina female workers were put up for rehire at Sanchung employment center, which is run by the CLA's Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training, where they were each represented by a number and selected by new potential employers through a lottery.
These 112 women, who formerly worked on an assembly line at a high-tech IC factory, were chosen by their new employers through a lottery, and did not even know where they were going till they ended up in their new respective factories, said Ku Yu-ling (顧玉玲), secretary-general of the Taiwan International Workers' Association (TIWA).
The IC company, which was called Fastfame, went bust at the end of last year. It's owners absconded and left several months of employees' salaries unpaid.
The process and results of the lottery re-hiring system lead to some problems. Those foreign migrant workers might end up to some worse working conditions without any signs they could see before head
In a press conference, TIWA showed a video clip of the lottery re-hiring system.
In the clip, the workers looked both anxious and excited about their new jobs.
The new factories, where these women were reassigned, often turned out to be vastly different from their previous employment, and most involved heavy machinery and intensive manual labor was demanded.
I was sent to an iron works, and that place was no place for a woman to be. There were large vessels everywhere, and the work was very dangerous, said Meriam Young, one of 112 female workers who had been re-assigned.
The dormitory where Young and three other workers were sent was reeking with stench, and they were confined to the factory premises alone after work hours, she said.
Some employers were shocked to see female workers showing up at the door.
Some employers would realize that they had picked workers of the wrong gender. Together with the manpower agencies, they would repatriate the unwanted workers right away, Ku said.
Once the workers had been repatriated, the employer was free to hire new migrant workers to fill their foreign worker quotas.
This month, TIWA succeeded in several rescue operations of migrant workers who were about to be deported, as well as some who had ended up in squalid living conditions.
The bureau didn't seem to be able to supervise the employment transfer process, which gave manpower agencies the opportunity to engage in unethical activities, said Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Wang Tuoh (王拓).
The association urged the CLA to restrict the worker's new job to the same industry as the worker's previous job.
In response, the CLA stated that employment transfer system was set up in a way to allow for re-employment flexibility.
The transfer system doesn't seem to have considered workers' rights, because the way it was designed, it was intended that foreign migrant workers who were out of a job might be able to find employment elsewhere -- and not be restricted by limitation of a particular type of industry, said Tsai Meng-liang (蔡孟良), a section chief at the council's department of foreign labor affairs.

My opinions:
The transfer system doesn’t seem to have considered workers’ rights because the way it was designed. Foreign migrant workers may send or transfer to inappropriate working position. Lack of protection to ensure the safety of workers’ working condition and payment is the main problem this report mentioned.
Without well supervise-system, manpower agencies could keep ignoring the rights of those foreign workers and leave the problem hanging there with no better solution.
分類: 溫馨家事 : 

作者: seattlecat (4:18 pm)
Drug abuse problems
It couldn’t be hard to find that drug abusers are getting more and more in our society. We read the news about drug smuggling almost everyday; all kind of illegal drug from heroin, cocaine, to brain-effected pills. People could get drugs in some certain ways without being caught by the police.
I think the drugs abuse problem is getting from worse to worst. Criminals would like to take great risks to gain great profit on making drug-selling money. It has been posing a challenge to the police in dealing with this getting serious issue.
分類: 未分類 : 

作者: seattlecat (6:56 am)
Evolution in the Classroom

The controversy that won't go away

Even though it is accepted as a fact by almost every scientist in the world, the theory of evolution is still a matter of controversy in the US. Almost every year, usually in the South or Midwest, there are legal fights about the teaching of evolution in public schools. Wisconsin and Georgia are the latest battlegrounds.

Some religious activists argue that evolution is a theory, not a fact. They say that creationism, or “intelligent design”-which argues that God created everything-is an alternative “scientific” theory that should be taught along with evolution.

A school district in Wisconsin recently decided to support this position. In response to that decision, hundreds of academics wrote protest letters. “This is not a science issue,” said Michael Zimmerman, a dean at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. “It's an education issue.” The fight is not over, and it remains to be seen what the school district will do.

Meanwhile, several parents in Georgia were upset by stickers placed in biology textbooks that warned that “evolution is a theory, not a fact.” They filed a lawsuit against the local school district, arguing that that the district had religious reasons for putting the stickers on the books. “I'm a strong advocate for the separation of church and state,” said Jeffrey Selman, one of the parents.

My opinion:
First of all, I need to clarify that I don’t advocate in any religion. This news makes me think about the truly function of all religion do for people. People need support from the faith they believe and rely on it. The religion people rely on should help them concur difficulties they encounter. No matter how true “your God” is, it’s better to let people have their choices to take, yet just give people that “the only choice.”
Scientist collecting evidence to present the theory base on the fact could be something we can take to believe. It’s true that some theories could not perfectly proven the reality; however, it’s still a better way to get closer to what’s really happened by tracing theories we have in hands.
By giving the name of education to promote religious function could be the worse way to deal with the argument in this case.

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